An old photo of what looks to be a couple in Italy fell out of a coat that was donated during one of our community coat drives. Do you recognize it?

Every winter, we partner with Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic and Cape May County for collect gently worn outwear. While organizing a group of coats, SoJO administrative assistant Susie found this photo. It looks to be a man and a woman, possibly in Italy or somewhere in Europe. To me, to size, shape and lighting in the photo indicates it may have been taken some time in the early the mid 1970's. It looks like a lot of the pictures taken of me when I was a baby.

A few of us in the office have sort of become mesmerized by the photo. Who are the people in it? Where are they? Are they related to someone in this area. And, are they missing this piece of family memorabilia?

Do you recognize this photo? We'd love to return it to it's rightful owner.

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