There seems to always be a debate for us who live along the Atlantic Ocean as to who has the best beaches on the East Coast. I of course have a firm belief that New Jersey beaches are the best on the East Coast. I'm sure you who may live in other locations along the eastern seaboard may have a difference in opinion, but that's why we love where we are from, right? I happen to have grown up on the beaches here in the Garden State. Although I grew up in Jersey I have visited many of the beaches along the East Coast from Florida up to New York. The one location I have not had much exposure to is the New England coastline. Of the places I have visited I stand by my statement "Jersey has the best beaches".


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Photo by Michelle Spollen on Unsplash
Photo by Michelle Spollen on Unsplash



In a recent article by House Beautiful, "While California and Hawaii often take credit for their beaches, most of the country's best sand is along the Atlantic Ocean. From coastal islands like Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard to the sprawling swaths of sand in the South, here are the best beaches on the East Coast."


Unspalsh, Dan Mall
Unsplash, Dan Mall




I know it seems like Cape May is the most mentioned beach town in New Jersey because it simply is. In 2023 most publications name Cape May as the best "beach", "small town", or "beach town", etc. in the Garden State. House Beautiful made Cape May the only Jersey beach to make the TOP 15 on the East Coast, although we have many others I feel should have as well, but once again Cape May comes out on top. Congratulations to Cape May on making this list this summer.


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