I never knew how hard it was to find a bathroom in Philly until I was walking around the city and was scrambling to find a public restroom. It happens all the time. Whether you are out running errands or attending an outdoor event, at some point we all have to pee. And finding a clean place to go is always a struggle bus, especially in this day and age of the pandemic.

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There isn't much access to public bathrooms as you would think. Now that you add the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing not mix, popping into a restaurant real quick to use their bathroom isn't allowed at a lot of places.

Well, a Reddit user has offered some relief (no pun intended) to Philadelphia residents and visitors who are about to pee on themselves and need a quick solution. A man named Hugo Bucci has designed an app called Where2Go that will tell you where all of the closest public bathrooms are in the city. What differentiates this app from a lot of toilet apps, is that anyone can go in and add a private bathroom that they know of as well. Plus you can leave reviews as well. Help a fellow local out. If a public bathroom is known for having feces all over the toilet and toilet paper overflowing onto the floor, write about it in the app so others do not go to that one.

And get this. The app even comes with a game that you can play while you take a dump. I hate going number 2 in public bathrooms, but sometimes when you have to go... you have to go.

Where2Go was made by a Philly resident specifically for Philly. It is currently available for Apple users and will be available for Android users in the near future.


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