It's a bug world and we're just living in it...and eating them according to this report showing how many bugs we eat when we drink coffee. 

Well, that's one gross way to get our protein! I knew the FDA allows for a certain amount of insects in our food when I learned chocolate has bugs in it. But coffee? That threw me for a loop!

Turns out most of the foods we eat daily have a considerable amount of insects in them, and the FDA labels it as 'unavoidable defects in food.' Haha, Isn't that comforting?

There is a cap on how many bugs one can consume, but it gets increasingly difficult to keep them all out. This is why we end up eating 136,080 bugs within one year of drinking coffee! No, I'm not joking!

Click the button below to see the full breakdown courtesy of Terro on Huffington Post. You'll be shocked to see the numbers for macaroni, peanut butter, and even frozen broccoli.

Looks like Miss New Jersey Kaitlyn Schoeffel isn't that weird for eating a tarantula and a scorpion!

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