Some people love the fall, while others just can't seem to stand it.

There are also those who fall in the middle, but this isn't about them today. I want to talk to the fall haters, the ones who find fall annoying.

I am indeed one of those people. I find fall to be a nuisance. It's nice for a day, then that's all I can take. And if you are wondering, yes I am more of a summer person. There is so much about fall that annoys me, is it really necessary to even be a season? Same goes for spring.

Anyway, here are just a few things about Fall that are just so annoying. Hope you agree.


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    The Sun Lies to You

    You wake up one morning and find it a little chilly, so you bring a light jacket with you. Two hours later the sun is blazing hot, +80 degrees, so you immediately take off your jacket. By 5 p.m. you need something heavier than the jacket you brought, like Gore-Tex, because it's 25 outside.

  • Iakov Kalinin/Thinkstock
    Iakov Kalinin/Thinkstock

    The Days Get Shorter

    Unless you're a vampire, no one likes this. And don't give me that "well you get an extra hour of sleep" line, because I have yet to feel a difference with that extra hour.

    In fact, I feel tired earlier now.

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    Fall Traffic

    Two words: School buses.

    If you happen to get stuck behind one of these yellow monsters you are doomed to be late.

    Have fun driving on 42 or the BHP!

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    The Leaves

    They are pretty to look at, sure, that is until you have to rake them. Just another thing to add to the list.