As generations come and go new names seem to be popping up while others fade away. At one point, the name Gloria was common but today it's almost completely vanished.

Stacker has an interesting article about the most common boy names from 1970 compared to now.

There are definitely names on that list you'll hear pretty frequently but there are also ones that have seemingly gone completely extinct.

Below are the top 5 baby names in New Jersey since 1970 and how popular they are now.

5️⃣ David

There were 14,143 babies in NJ born with this name between 1970-1979. I feel like it's still a common name now, but according to the article, there were only 3,570 babies with this name from 2010-2019.

4️⃣ Christopher

From 1970-1979 there were 14,148 NJ babies with this name, but from 2010-2019 there were only 3,512 babes with this name.

3️⃣ Robert

This one feels like it was uber-popular back in the 70s, with a lot of people either going by Rob or Bob. From 1970-1979 there were 14,341 NJ babies with this name to only 1,881 from 2010-2019. This name clearly had a huge drop-off.

2️⃣ John

This one surprised me as it feels like, at least to me, that John is a name that will never die. I've known tons of John's in my life, but there is still a steep drop off in name. From 1970-1979 there were 14,944 NJ babies with this name, but from 2010-2019 there were only 3,308.

1️⃣ Michael

And by far and away the most common baby name from the 1970s was Michael. 25,917 NJ babies had this name!! An insane amount, but now only 5,656 have it.

Thankfully none of these baby names were illegal ...

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