If you're traveling this Thanksgiving like I am, you're definitely looking to avoid the traffic jams. Waze knows the best and worst times to drive during the holiday week. 

Waze, a traffic and navigational app, says the best day to hit the road is actually Thursday, on Thanksgiving day. On this day, traffic will be the same like every other day. The analysts at Waze suggest leaving during the morning or evening to avoid the usual rush-hour times.

The worst days of the week to travel this holiday is actually Tuesday and Wednesday. Unfortunately for me and some others, the traffic occurs pretty early before 1 p.m. Then, to make matters worst, traffic is going to be just as bad on Sunday when it is time to go home...great.

So, for those of you traveling like I am, I guess we are getting our things ready really soon. But I don't think I will leave on Thursday, I'll take my chances Wednesday.

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