Wawa is now going to have free Wi-Fi at its 700 plus stores.SAY IT ISN'T SO!

Courier-Post says, that South Jersey's favorite convenient store is offering free Wi-Fi to its customers starting on Tuesday. This is all thanks to a collaboration between Wawa and Comcast, so claps for them!

Wawa says in Courier-Post:

"a fast and reliable Wi-Fi solution to enable a consistent in-store experience for its mobile application." It also said the service allows customers "to take advantage of a free connection without having to rely on their cellular service."

Apparently, Wi-Fi is vital for companies when it comes to improving customer experience....well i don't disagree!

Now, Courier-Post is reporting from Philadelphia so no news how fast we shall be seeing it in South Jersey. So keep an eye out!

And once again, thanks Wawa.