The Patch says, a Tim Hortons Coffee & Bake Shop will be opening in Cinnaminson. This will be the first Tim Hortons in South Jersey. Another exciting announcement is another Popeye's Louisiana Chicken is coming to Cinnaminson. Both businesses will have drive thrus and will be located at Route 130 South at Taylors Lane. It's going to be where a former motor site used to be. The approval has been set and they hope to start getting Tim Hortons and Popeye's built later this year.

I used to watch How I Met Your Mother reruns religiously. It used to air on network tv, but then disappeared. Thankfully, they have reruns on Hulu, so I usually catch them on there. One of the main characters, Robin, played by Cobie Smulders, was from Canada. She would always talk about it and talk about things that Canada has that the U.S. does not. One of those things that is not really common in the U.S. is Tim Hortons coffee shops.

Tim Hortons in Stratford, Camden County Taking Shape

Robin would rave about Tim Hortons Coffee Shops and she actually took Barney, who was played by Neil Patrick Harris there when they visited Canada. Here in the U.S. we are big on Dunkin' and Starbucks. Other coffee shops that are popular around here are Wawa and Quick Chek. My husband absolutely loves Wawa's coffee and I actually like their lattes too.

I always read lists, especially on Buzzfeed that talk about people from other countries finding us weird for what we have here especially restaurants. Maybe now Canadians will like to have a little taste of home with Tim Hortons coming to South Jersey. Who knows, maybe even more will pop up.

This Firehouse AirBnB in Lambertville Will be Your Staycation

This Airbnb in Lambertville is sure to be your next staycation. It was once a firehouse and now is an adorable place to stay when you want to get away, but not go too far. It is extremely unique and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms so four guests can use it. It's two stories, located in beautiful Lambertville and even has a rooftop deck. The hosts rent it out for $282 a night. 

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