Would you be able to sit on a plane for this long?

Now I don't know about you but I love to fly. I find it so much fun, and obviously convenient. With that said though, 19 hours on a plane is a really really long time to be flying!

If you always wanted to travel outside the country, specifically Singapore, from New Jersey nonetheless, your dreams are coming true. Starting in October Singapore Airlines has decided to bring back its non-stop flight to Singapore from Newark Liberty International Airport. The 18-hour and 45 minute flight (we’ll say 19 hours plus or minus boarding and take-off times) will be up in the air traveling close to 10,000 miles!

With all that said that trip to Singapore that you always wanted to do will now be the world's longest flight.

If you're thinking about the price, expect tickets for this flight to be close to $1500.00/ticket near November.

Click here to see how exactly you will be flying on a Singapore Airlines flight. Hint: Pretty cool.

So, anyone want to go to Singapore?

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