Football is back and it came at a time where we need it most. For many people, football is something that helps them escape what's happening in real life. They just sit back and watch their team and drink beer and eat wings. Especially now that we're in a pandemic and most NFL teams are not allowing fans to be present in their stadiums to watch the games, it's nice to still be able to watch them on TV.

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I know some people watch football for the sport, and I am one of those people too. However, I do like to spot some hotties in their football gear. So I did some research and this is not a list about the hotties quarterbacks or wide receivers. This is a list about the guys who call the plays from the sidelines. Here is my list of the top ten of the hottest coaches out of 32 teams in the NFL.

The Top Ten Hottest Coaches in the NFL


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