Is any 4-year college education worth about $250,000?  How about a little less - between $100K-$150K?  Lots of things to consider in your future, or your kids, which is why Forbes Magazine's annual rankings of the Top Colleges in America is imperative to have.  This year New Jersey gets top honors!

Forbes explains that their rankings are compiled by The Center for College Affordability and Productivity in DC. They focus on the things that matter the most to students: quality of teaching, great career prospects, high graduation rates and low-levels of debt.  The center does not attempt to assess a school’s reputation, nor are they a measure of academic selectivity.

This year's top college in the U.S. is in the Garden State.  Princeton University returned to being #1 in America for the first time since 2008, an honor that the school takes a great sense of pride in.  Princeton is one of 5 Ivy League schools ranked in the Top-20 in the Forbes survey.

The formula to determine the rankings are based on five categories: Post-Graduate Success, Student Satisfaction, Debt, the school's 4-Yr Graduation Rate, and Competitive Awards won by students.

Forbes ranked 650 colleges for their survey, and you can check this list out by clicking here.


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