I might even choose one of these for my costume this year!

We are just 15 days away from Halloween, crazy, I know, and some of you (myself included) do not have a costume. Getting desperate, we start searching the internet for ideas or run out to the closest Halloween store for a costume that won't break the bank. Good luck.

But then, while searching the internet, you get an idea (well, at least I did). Why not go as a meme? It's funny, relevant, and will be a conversation starter at every party you attend.

But which one? There are so many great memes out there, it'll be hard to choose.

Not for me.

I found seven that I think will be pretty simple to make, or at least be funny as heck to wear.


Number 1. "This is fine" Dog Meme


Number 2: "Moth and a Lamp" Meme


Number 3: "Jealous Boyfriend" Meme

Number 4: "Salt Guy" Meme




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Number 5: "Kermit Drinking Tea" Meme


Number 6: "Change My Mind" Meme

Number 7: "It's Yanny (or Laurel)" Meme


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