Studies show that some women like to have motivational music before they give birth.  Similar to what 'Jock Jams' used to do before sporting events, Birth Jams' motivates women before they go into the delivery room.  Here are the tracks we came up with......


We start with Track 1:   Salt n Peppa 'Push It'

Now listen to the rest......



The SoJO Morning Show Presents Birth Jams:

";Push It";, Salt-N-Peppa
";I'm Coming Out";, Diana Ross
";Down Under";, Men at Work
";Joy & Pain";, Rob Base
";Comfortably Numb";, Pink Floyd (for the epidural)
";Patience";, Guns N' Roses
";Coming Out of the Dark";, Gloria Estefan
";Whoomp! There It Is";, Tag Team


And in case you forgot about 'Jock Jams'...