Valentine's Day is a day where your special someone is reminded just what they mean to you, although you should be doing that in some way every day.  This is the day where A Rose By Any Other Name ....................... cost 4 times as much as it will tomorrow.  We all fall victim of this day, where the heart takes center stage - inside and outside.  This version of "The Playlist" sautes the Heart in all of its loving way (which musically is not easy).

Finding songs with Heart in the title, or in reference to the heaart for The Playlist was not a real challenge, but finding songs that are not about heartbreak, pain or disappointment was.  Next week I'll bring the anti-Valentine version of The Playlist for those who are members of the Lonely Hearts Club (paging Sgt. Pepper!), owning a Lonely Heart because you are a victim of a broken heart, possessing a black heart, or a hardened heart.  Today we'll stay positive and romantic if possible.

With this we try not to get not overly cheesy, so don't expect Hugh Grant to sing "Pop Goes My Heart" from the Music and Lyrics movie of 2007, or pulling out Don Johnson (although some people still like "Heartbeat" - hell you may have bought that single back in the day).  The songs of the Heart gets groovy, mends, opens, listens, tells, and fix the tone of romance in some way.

Once again my apologies to those flying solo this year, and I'll keep my word to bring the other side next, but here is The Playlist that brings the Heart some joy today:

Huey Lewis and The News -- Heart and Soul ("She's got it all, hot lovin' every night")

Deee Lite -- Groove Is In The Heart (Feel it, Live it, Love it!)

Nicki French -- Total Eclipse of The Heart ("I need you more tonight, and I need you more than ever" / the 1995 cover went to #2 on the Billboard Chart, #1 in 4 countries, and the sing0el sold 5 Million worldwide)

Extreme -- Hole Hearted ("There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you")

Toni Braxton -- Unbreak My Heart ("Say you love me again")

Gym Class Heroes with Adam Levine -- Stereo Hearts ("My heart's a stereo - it beats for you".  Listen to it!)

Carrie Underwood -- Some Hearts (they "just get lucky sometimes", and Carrie was lucky to make this Marshall Crenshaw cover a Top-20 Pop hit in 2005)

Jessie J -- Domino ("My Heart beats out of time".  A sexy Valentine song with heart for sure!)

Backstreet Boys -- I'll Never Break Your Heart (They promise, at least for today)

Phil Collins -- You'll Be In My Heart (yes it was from Tarzan, which reduces the cheese factor?)

Roxette -- Listen To Your Heart (before it's too late - not much time left here)

Bryan Adams -- Straight From The Heart (He'll never go if it's direct from that beating muscle - good advice!)

Madonna -- Open Your Heart ("I'll give you love if you turn the key")

Taylor Dayne -- With Every Beat Of My Heart ("I know we're getting closer to love with every beat".  She looked good on Rachel vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off recently on the Food Network)

Gloriana -- Wild At Heart ("I'll follow you where you're leading".  Sweet though from the group who opened for Taylor Swift at the height of her insanity in 2009)

Stacey Q -- Two of Hearts (They beat as one, and all the way to #3 in 1986)

Kenny Loggins -- Heart To Heart (speaking of love's attempt to be resurrected, and this day has done that in the past for some)

Randy Meisner -- Hearts On Fire (Passion that is "Aching from desire", and producing a Top-15 Pop hit in 1981)

Heart -- All I want To Do Is Make Love To You (The band with the perfect name today!)

A very Happy Valentine's Day for you and your loved one, and feel free to add to this list, or submit any ideas you may have that can be turned into a future version of The Playlist.