Whether you care about last night's VMA's or not, you're bound to hear about Miley Cyrus and her performance at some point today. 


In a very sad attempt to look 'sexy' and 'edgy', Miley did exactly what she hoped to do, tell the world that Hannah Montana is long gone and never coming back.


Key word:  Sad.


It's not because I was actually in to the whole 'Hannah Montana' era either.  I was personally thrilled that kids had something to look up to, for once, in pop music.  She brought laughter, and relatable family issues that every other pre-teen goes thrrough with her hit television series on Disney.


Today, she's more interested in sticking out her tongue, twerking, smacking and / or motioning toward her crotch . . .among other things....


Some of you will be laughing at this performance....some of you may actually like it.....I just ask 'What Happened to Miley?'


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