If spotting snow in October may be an indication of this winter to come, this could be brutal!  Now the snow was not spotted in Jersey , but One Republic seems to have found some significant snowfall.

Turns out that in the Midwest temperatures have taken a major nosedive over the last day or so - this is the same system that is coming to South Jersey this weekend and creating the 20+ degree drop between Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  The first snow has been spotted out in cities like Denver, where the band One Republic happens to be currently.

A couple of hours ago, the band tweeted a photo showing snow falling and starting to accumulate.

"Snow in Denver - ALREADY" is the message the band sent to its Twitter fans, and this makes Ryan Tedder and his group the official first snow spotted this fall in America!

Snow in October can only mean a potential rough winter for us?  The Farmers Almanac predicts a very cold winter for our area.  Enjoy the "warmth" while we have it!


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