Remember the reports that Randy Jackson is out as an American Idol judge, and the rumors that Keith Urban was passing on judging on the hit FOX show ...... well this may be proof that predicting what the crew at Idol is going to do is almost impossible.

Originally Jackson was going to be off the show, then came that he was going to become a mentor like Jimmy Iovine has been the last 2 seasons on Idol, but now the reports that have come out this week has our favorite "Dawg" back in on the judge's podium with Mariah Carey.

Mariah is currently the only confirmed judge for the new Idol season, and strong indications have Nicki Minaj (who has been rumored for weeks) bringing her style to the judges table.

The story on Urban has gotten hotter upon him resigning as a coach for The Voice in Australia.  Katie Couric stirred the pot even more by announcing earlier today that Urban was a definite for American Idol.  Fox News jumped in after this and said to hold up!  Word from Idol's home network is that nobody should jump to any conclusions.

The big rumor is that before the end of this week, the official line-up of the Idol judges will be announced.  The timing seems to be in line for this big announcement, but don't be shocked to see Idol execs to milk this even more, knowing that they are stealing headlines from The X-Factor and The Voice.


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