A week after Valentine's Day, hopefully all went well in the department of love, and that the Heart felt fulfilled from your loved one's efforts on a day that your florist and the greeting card companies are counting their profits (and I know I contributed to their cause with my girlfriend).  Now on the other side, you may have been a Lonely Heart, feeling black inside, breaking from the pain of the past.  The Heart gets a 2nd look this week on "The Playlist".

Last week, you got songs with "Heart" in the title, in the band name, or somewhere themed in the song bringing positivity.  This week - not so much!  The Heart  for some is worn on their sleeve, and when it breaks the pain come through.  The songs encompassing The Playlist reflects this in some way, so if you are looking for a little romance here .............. that was last week!

The Playlist reflects the frailties of the Heart, and does it with some great music that would make your iPod rock, so members of the Lonely Hearts Club (paging Sgt. Pepper and Billy Sheers) enjoy or lament over this Affair of The Heart (Rick Springfield does not make the cut here, but the title fits here):

Rob Thomas -- This Is How A Heart Breaks (setting the tone out the gate)

Taio Cruz -- Break Your Heart (he warns you that is all he is going to do!)

Pat Benetar -- Heartbreaker ("Don't You Mess Around With Me"!)

'N Sync -- Tearing Up My Heart (taking about a No-Win Situation, which we all have experienced)

YES -- Owner of A Lonely Heart (alone on V-Day may qualify you for this status)

John Mayer -- Half Of My Heart (one half in this song says "I Can't Keep Loving You" ........ what a dog!)

Stevie Nicks / Tom Petty -- Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (stars to look like the photo above when this happens)

Joan Jett and The Black Hearts -- I Hate Myself For Loving You (Black Hearts and Hate = PAIN!!!!)

Def Leppard -- Bringing On The Heartbreak (Wait .........there's more)

Whitney Houston -- Where Do Broken Hearts Go (here to read this maybe ............ RIP Whitney)

Paula Abdul -- Cold Hearted Snake (don't get fooled ever again)

T 'Pau -- Heart and Soul (unlike Huey's song, this 1-Hit 80's Wonder speaks how "Loving You Ain't Easy........You Never Wanted Me For Yourself")

Kris Allen -- Heartless (former American Idol winner does a great job on this Kanye West song, making you wonder how can anyone be so Heartless?)

Quarterflash -- Harden My Heart (the result of all of this today)

Bruce Springsteen -- Hungry Heart (classic song from our Jersey man, but as The Boss says "We Took What We Had and Ripped It Apart")

The Wallflowers -- 6th Avenue Heartache (might have been where you last saw your heart)

Backstreet Boys -- Quit Playing Games With My Heart (we don't have time for that *&%*)

Heart -- Who Will You Run To (after you mess it up, you'll realize you may be too late)

Blondie -- Heart Of Glass (feel the shattering effect!)

Celine Dion -- My Heart Will Go On (usually does even after all of this, but in Titanic Rose said "I'll never let go Jack" and then she let go!)

Hope that next year your Heart is fulfilled for Valentine's Day, and feel free to add your ideas to this version of The Playlist.