When it comes to cake, just sugar, butter, and flour doesn't cut it in New Jersey. Apparently, we prefer another ingredient.

The jewelry company Shane Co. recently tracked the cake-eating habits of people across the United States to come up with the most popular flavors.

While Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Angel Food Cake, and Cheesecake were all highly ranked, here in New Jersey, we all scream for Ice Cream Cake!

Sheri Silver/unsplash
Sheri Silver/unsplash

In fact, according to the research, which was based on Google trends over the past year, 9 other states feels the same. Ice Cream Cake is also the top pick in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and our neighboring Pennsylvania.

I mean, who doesn't love a frozen circle or square of layered ice cream, especially when there's a crushed cookie layer. Nom Nom!

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Right behind Ice Cream Cake at #1 is Strawberry Cake in second place, and Molten Lava Cake in third.

courtesy Shane Co. via Go Fish Digital
courtesy Shane Co. via Go Fish Digital

So, it begs the question...if all we want is ice cream cake in New Jersey, do we even LIKE CAKE cake?

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