This Is NOT What You Think
Believe it or not, my 4 year old son showed my this video. I don't even know how he found it on the internet.
Yep. It's a CAKE. Let me's a CAKE.
Even though I know it's a cake, I still cringe.
The idea of WHY someone would make a cake like this is far more sophisticated …
Ranking the 2015 Oscar Snubs From Forgivable to WTF
Yep, it’s that time of the year again. The 2015 Oscar nominations are here and it’s time for everyone to get outraged and cynical over which movies get the opportunity to take home statuettes of naked golden dudes. Sure, we always tell ourselves that the Academy Awards don’t rea…
Pinata Cake Will Make Any Candy Lover Happy
Got a birthday or graduation coming up?  Maybe dad loves candy and cake?  How cool is this cake?  It's called a Piñata cake, and as if yummy cake and frosting aren't enough, you can take your sugar high to the next level with it's inside-surprise!
Let Them Eat Cake! [POLL]
Today is National Cake Day!  I happen to be equal opportunity cake.  I never met a flavor I didn't like.  It's such a comforting treat any time of year.  But what's your favorite cake?  Take today's poll!