This Is NOT What You Think
Believe it or not, my 4 year old son showed my this video. I don't even know how he found it on the internet.
Yep. It's a CAKE. Let me's a CAKE.
Even though I know it's a cake, I still cringe.
The idea of WHY someone would make a cake like this is far more sophisticated …
Pinata Cake Will Make Any Candy Lover Happy
Got a birthday or graduation coming up?  Maybe dad loves candy and cake?  How cool is this cake?  It's called a Piñata cake, and as if yummy cake and frosting aren't enough, you can take your sugar high to the next level with it's inside-surprise!
Let Them Eat Cake! [POLL]
Today is National Cake Day!  I happen to be equal opportunity cake.  I never met a flavor I didn't like.  It's such a comforting treat any time of year.  But what's your favorite cake?  Take today's poll!