How does it feel to skip shampooing for a week? It's itchy, very itchy BUT the result is all too worth it. See how my hair looks after I skip washing for a week!

This was COMPLETELY accidental. My week just became very hectic and somehow I found myself with a slicked back bun by day 4. After knowing all the benefits of skipping shampoo for a week, I thought..hey why not?!

According to a lot of stylists, shampoo strips your hair of the natural oils it needs to remain healthy. So by skipping the shampoo for a week, your hair should be healthier afterwards.

Here's what I learned:

  • Brace yourself for the oil, especially if you have naturally oily hair
  • Curly girls rejoice! Because your curls will be bouncier than ever
  • Softer hair will come as a result
  • Be prepared for the itchiness and tender headed-ness

Here's my rating of skipping shampoo in gif form:

Stick around next week, to see what I do next for a week!

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