Want to win Christmas this year? Avoid buying these gifts for family and friends.

We compared several holiday surveys to nail down the five most frequently returned items. For example, tools and hardware may seem like a no-brainer for the man in your life, but those might not be as sought after as you think. We hope this helps!


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    Both Newsweek and BestLife advise to steer clear of apparel, since it can be tough to nail down a giftees taste and size.

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    Athletic Gear

    Thinking dumb bells, yoga mat, or a jump rope? Think again. It could also send the wrong message that someone needs to get in shape.

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    Kitchen Appliances

    Most people won't end up using that waffle iron or quesadilla maker you've picked out.

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    Unless your person has a SPECIFIC tool or piece of hardware picked out, maybe just go for a gift card.

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    Home Decor

    Vases, throw pillows, blankets are kind of a no-no, since most homeowners prefer to style their space themselves.