Matt Nathanson

Spending Five Good Minutes with Matt Nathanson [VIDEO]
I recently sat down with singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson backstage at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia ahead of his performance. Watch to see what came between us in the beginning of our interview, and why he left his setlist in the hands of his audience. We simply adore Matt here at SoJO.
Matt Nathanson Premieres 'Headphones' [AUDIO]
Matt Nathanson has just written one of his best songs yet. 'Headphones' paints a picture of a girl who just wants to escape of life of insecurity and disappear into music.  Who hasn't leaned on music for that kind of solace once or twice? Take a first listen!
SoJO 1049 Presents Matt Nathanson
Singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson is that star of the next SoJO Session.  Matt's playing an intimate luncheon especially for SoJO listeners, and telling the stories behind songs like 'Come On Get Higher'.