taste of home tickets
SoJO is excited to reveal our next Taste of Home event--a local food demonstration that can turn you into a star in your own kitchen!  The date is set for Thursday, November 14 at Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club, and tickets go on sale Thursday!
The Ladies of General Hospital Do AC This Weekend!
Will Carly get back with Sonny?  Did AJ really shoot Connie?  Will Olivia's visions ever end?  Will Ana ever find Robin?  These burning questions may be swimming in your head for the ladies of General Hospital!  Lucky for you they're ready to answer this Saturday a…
Train Wants to Wine Sample with You! [AUDIO]
Just before their Mermaids of Alcatraz tour stop at Susquehenna Bank Center on July 24th, Train wants you to be part of a special wine sampling pre-party so you can taste their California 37 blend!  Only SoJO VIP's will get to be part of this event, and you can win a pair of passes this we…

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