13 Days of Turkey

12 Tips to Ensure the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner
This Thanksgiving Day, you're bound to have last minute questions and/or emergencies when it comes to the turkey.  From seasoning the bird, to cooking it to the perfect temp, to deep-frying safety tips, to carving, and gravy, let's take a look back at my 13 Days of Turkey to ensure yo…
13 Days of Turkey: Leftover Ideas
What will you do with all that leftover turkey and side dishes on Friday?  On this Day 12 of 13 Days of Turkey we give you eight different ways to reinvent Thanksgiving days after the big day is over.
First up:  Leftover Turkey and Kale Soup (this is a nice, clean post-indulgence idea)
13 Days of Turkey: Day 11
Inevitably, on Thanksgiving Day, your dinner guests will arrive early, and probably hungry.  Make this adorable Turkey Cheese Ball appetizer to help keep hands off the real deal until you're ready to serve.
13 Days of Turkey: Day 8, Four Steps to Perfect Gravy [VIDEO]
13 Days of Turkey continues with the ultimate topping. Sure, you could serve your guests turkey gravy from a packet, a jar, or a can.  But it's actually incredibly easy to make on your stovetop and incorporates all the beautiful juices leftover from cooking the bird.  Follow these four steps as demo…

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