It was far from the ordinary Thursday at Pitman Middle School.

Someone who was described as a "suspicious person" appeared at the front door of the middle school early Thursday morning, without being recognized by anyone. In reaction to this Kristen Stewart, the Pitman Middle School principal sent out an alert to parent of the students notifying them of the suspicious person.

After 10 a.m., the middle school started a lockdown procedure, which means no person, staff or student, are allowed to enter or exit the building for a period of time, until the lockdown is lifted.

Pitman Middle School/Google Maps
Pitman Middle School/Google Maps

The Pitman Police Department were notified of the lockdown, along with all the school’s resource officers.

The district’s office said that the lockdown was finally lifted little after 12:30 p.m., but at the time the superintendent wasn’t free to provide any more information on the lockdown or suspicious person.

The investigation is still ongoing, says a spokesman for the Pitman Police Department.

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