When it comes to music, the 21st Century is a digital world - go to  iTunes and load your iPod or iPad.  There is a generation coming up that does not grasp the concept of what a CD is - forget about explaining vinyl records to them!  Come Saturday, find yourself taking a trip back in time and show how you used to buy your music and remember just how cool your favorite community Record Store was (and still is!)

Saturday is National Record Store Day - a celebration of the art of music.  Word is this day brings together fans, artists, and the over 700 independently owned record stores throughout the country.  Most places will offer special promotions and special new releases from the likes of The Black Keys, Michael Buble', Coldplay, Fun, Foster The People, Garbage, and even Springsteen (Just to name a few).  Now embarking on its 5th year, this celebration has become a global thing with about 200 independent record stones in the UK being on board.

Atlantic County has a few "Mom & Pop" stores to stop and see:

The Rock Shop at The Hamilton Mall - The electronic signs at the mall are showing their support for this celebration, and The Rock Shop is offering some deals like buy 1 bargain record and get 1 FREE plus 10% off used DVDs! (while supplies last).

Tunes in Northfield and Turnersville - 20+ years ago, a small shop on the Ocean City boardwalk called "Tunes On The Dunes" was the humble beginning to their story.  Today there are 4 Tunes stores in the South Jersey area (including Marlton and Voorhees), and word is they top dollar for your CDs, DVDs, video games, LPs and now even your iPods (Note To Tunes - I have about 200 CDs to unload!)

Acrat - Located on Tilton Road in Northfield and not far from the SoJO studios, the stores has a little bit of everything.  From clothing to jewelry, from games to pipes and tobacco, and a large selection of music in all forms (even cassettes).

Should be mentioned that not all stores will choose to participate in all promotions, or carry all releases, but for one day embrace a trip back in Pop Culture time and show someone why these stores are still cool today.

A list of Independent Record Stores in NJ can be found by clicking here.