We have survived another "Super" day - the action, the commercials, the adult beverages (for some), the food (my girlfriend made a fantastic spread for us) and maybe the heartburn or indigestion.  The "Big Game" for the most part did not disappoint, but as you know not everybody can walk away a winner from this day.

Congratulations goes first to the New York Giants who defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 for their 2nd NFL title in the last 4 season for the team that plays in New Jersey!  The rematch of their last meeting 4 years ago lived up to expectations, which brings us to the list of Winners and Losers from yesterday:

The Winners List

Eli Manning - The veteran Giants quarterback may have finally fully emerged from his brothers shadow.  Peyton is a sure-fire Hall of Fame player who is a media darling with his many commercials (his Sony spot playing ping-pong against Justin Timberlakle has about 1 Million hits on YouTube), but baby brother now has 2 wins on the NFL's biggest stage.  Eli has come a long way from leading the league in interceptions twice (20 in 2007, 25 in 2010).  Consider the 31-yr.-old veteran now in a higher standing, and a star in his own right.

Matthew Broderick - Part of the most highly anticipated commercial during the game yesterday (pictured in car during his Honda spot) did not disappoint.  Sm many details in this spot pays homage to Matthew's cassic 80s flick Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  The buzz for a sequel to this film will now hit a fever pitch from this brilliant spot, with over 12 Million hits on YouTube to see this spot again - here's the extended version.

NBC - The 47.8  in the Nielsen Ratings comes just one-tenth of a point away from being the most watched game in the NFL history.  The "Big Game" was up 14% from last year with this much hyped rematch.  The netowrd continued its success after the game and creating another winner for the day.

The Voice - Nearly 38 Million viewers stuck around to watch the singing competition after the game was over, which i s over 11 Million more viewers than those who stuck around last year with FOX to watch Glee.  The Voice opened very strong with its singing talent of many styles (including Chris Mann who belted something operatic in Italian, former Mickey Mouse Club member Tony Lucca who Christina Aguilera did not recognize at first, and early favorite Jesse Campbell), and the great chemistry of Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Aguilera brings across the glaring weakness of American Idol.  See why Campbell made all 4 coaches turn their chairs around in the Blind Audition.

John Stamos - Watching him get head butted in the Oikos commercial shows that this guy has a wonderful sense of humor.

Cats and Dogs - The Kitty Halftime in Puppy Bowl 8 on Animal Planet, the bribing dog in the Doritios ad, the dog who loses the weight to chase the VW Beetle, the poor dog name Wego in the Bud spot.  Lots of love for the furry friends.

Mitt Romney - Early Sunday morning was declared the winner of the Nevada caucus with about 50% of the vote (missed that didn't you?)  The former Massachusetts governor did sees his team lose though.  Closer look at Nevada shows 11,000 less voters from 4 years ago in a state he won back then, then take away his support from voters of Mormon faith (25% of the caucus vote, and nearly 90% went to Romney) and his win by nearly 10,000 votes goes down to about 2,300 over Newt Gingrich.  Romney is going to be strong with this block of voters, but they not as prevalent in much of the country (concentration in the Mid-West around Utah)  Could this make Romney a weaker front-runner than you think?  (Just a random thought)

The Cinderella Story - The Giants went from being just 7-7 with two weeks left in the season, just lost to the Redskins, on the verge of going nowhere, to winning the last 2 games to get in, upset the 15-1 Green Bay Packers, and become champions with the weakest regular season record in history (9-7).

The Losers List

Madonna - Her athleticism cannot be questioned (doing cartwheels at over 50 is impressive), but the mixed reviews of her performance is not what see needs with a new CD coming out.  Her new single got overshadowed by the mash-up of "Hey Mr. DJ" with "Party Rock Anthemn" by LMFAO (who produced her new single "Gimme All Your Luvin'", back-up singer M.I.A. got more attention for her middle finger, and her lip-syncing did not sit well with many.  Somehow watch the "Material Girl" spin this to her advantage.

Tom Brady - The starting quarterback for the Patriots has lost twice to the Giants in the "Big Game".  Is his legacy forever ruined?  He has not won on the league's biggest stage since the Spygate discovery, but he's been to this dance 5 times (an NFL record), and this loss may not be all his fault.

The Patriots Receivers -Many of Brady's 10 incomplete passes in the 2nd half were dropped balls by his core who Brady defends the day after.

Giesele Bundchen - Ripped the receivers in the press.  She is Brady's wife.  If Brady is standing behind his team, shouldn't you do the same?

Ford - Getting smacked down in the Chrysler spot that implies that it cannot survive an apocalypse (only the Chevy Silverado and Twinkies exist in this "post-apocalyptic" commercial.

Eagles Fans - Watching their arch rivals win the "Big Game" again has many homicidal!



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