The New York Giants are the champions of the NFL, and the city has been nicknamed by NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg as "The Big Blue Apple".  Over 1 Million people have found their way to the ticker-tape parade for the team's 4th championship.  This week's version of "The Playlist", we salute everything (in one way or another) that is a part of  Super ............ I mean to say Sunday's "Big Game".

Legally we cannot the game what it is, but there is a way to imply through music - band names and songs with "Super", "Bowl", or "Sunday" in the title.  You will also notice how "Giant" we can get with a few songs, plus also recognize those who were a part of the performances before the game and halftime.

We have one song that can mention the game by its proper name - the title of the song incorporates this!  You'll find this week's version of The Playlist truly Super on all level for the team that plays its games here in New Jersey (recognize NYC!):

U2 -- Sunday Bloody Sunday (bloody for the Patriots with their 21-17 loss)

REM -- Superman (describes Eli Manning / a Top-20 hit in '86, which is the year the Giants went 14-2 and went on to win their 1st Super...........)

Liz Phair -- Supernova (Top-10 Alternative hit in '94, and her 1st pop hit of her career)

Oasis -- Champagne Supernova (which is what some Giants players may have experienced after winning on Sunday)

Rick James -- Superfreak (that may sum up Mario Manningham for his key catch late in the game)

Maroon 5 -- Sunday Morning (ESPN began its coverage that early!)

Faith No More -- Easy (like Sunday morning, but there was nothing easy for the players / great cover of The Commodores classic)

Kelly Clarkson -- Stronger (which the Giants were, so was Clarkson with this year's National Anthem, and I don't have to remind you of Aguilera's moment last year)

Nicki Minaj -- Super Bass (she helped Madonna with her new song for the Halftime show)

Madonna -- 4 Minutes (which is about what the Giants had left to win the game)

J.J. Fad -- Supersonic (Million selling hit in 1988, and the 1st female Rap Group to be Grammy nominated)

Supergrass - Alright (yet the game was played on a non-grass field / #1 Alternative hit and #2 UK Hit in 1995)

They Might Be Giants -- Boss Of Me (they are Giants, they were the boss of the Patriots, and the song is the theme to "Malcolm In The Middle")

The Chicago Bears - The Super Bowl Shuffle (told you we get the name of Sunday's game in there, and this song sold about a Million copies in 1985, plus was a Top-40 hit)

Queen - We Are The Champions (Yes the Giants are, and now they are going to Disneyland!)

The Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends (until next season!)

Quite the Sweet 16 of songs to give "Big Blue" its props for their win.  Feel free to add to this last, or make suggestions for future versions of The Playlist.





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