It was announced back in October that Steve Carell was selected to have the honor to deliver the keynote address at Princeton University for the Class Day ceremony, and he did not disappoint today.

Considered the "clear first choice" by the senior class preparing to graduate from the Ivy League institution, Class Day co-chairperson Erin Kiernan summed up his popularity by stating "His work has defined our college years, shaped our class' sense of humor, and carries universal appeal".

The 40-Year Old Virgin who has also been Maxwell Smart on the big screen, Carell's work as Michael Scott for Dunder-Mifflin on the long running NBC series "The Office" has had the biggest impact on the Princeton seniors, and in that inevitable style Carell addressed the seniors for 15 minutes with lines like " You are young, and because you are young you are wrong.  My point is, I suffered and you should have to suffer too".

Dan Goldberg from The Star Ledger was on hand to report on this occasion, braved the rain with the rest of the seniors, and reports that Carell offered some genuine advice for the Class of 2012 in his own witty style - "Show up on time, because to be late is to show disrespect, get a dog because cats are lame, and every once in awhile, do something positive in the world."

We may have not been lucky enough to have enjoyed that moment with Steve Carell, but we will see him on the big screen again soon with Hope Springs opposite Meryl Streep and Tommie Lee Jones, and Seeking a Friend For The End of The World with Keira Knightley (both are due out this summer).  Carell is bringing back 2 very funny characters back in 2013 - Gru from Despicable Me, and Brick Tamland from Anchorman (sequels for both movies are slated for next summer).


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