Having a hard time trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year? Check out the top ten trending Halloween costumes in South Jersey according to Google.

  • 1

    Emoji Costume

    Become a real life Emoji like the ones you constantly add to your text messages on your cell phone. They even sell ones with different expressions like sad, angry, happy, and many others.

    Blue jean images, Getty Images
  • 2

    Pregnancy Costume

    Don’t let pregnancy ruin your Halloween fun of getting to dress up. Rock your belly by wearing a maternity costume! You can even dress up as your favorite spaghetti sauce, Prego!

    Kristal O'neal, Getty Images
  • 3

    Best Friends Costume

    Want to go out on Halloween but don’t want to go alone? Bring your best friend out with you! You can go as a dynamic duo like Thing 1 and Thing 2, or even a bunch of animals that escaped from the zoo.

    Alija, Getty Images
  • 4

    Harley Quinn Costume

    Since the recent release of the movie, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn has been the most talked about character from the film. Embrace your inner Harley Quinn by rocking a blonde pigtailed wig as well as some pink and blue eye shadow. You’ll be all set to cause mischief on Halloween night.

    Albert L. Ortega, Getty Images
  • 5

    Coffee Costume

    Have you ever been in line at your favorite coffee shop and wondered what you might look like as a coffee cup? Transform into your favorite fall drink by dressing up in a coffee cup costume.

    You can even add a spritz of a pumpkin flavored perfume to really embrace your inner #basic.

    FunFill, Amazon
  • 6

    Donald Trump Costume

    With the presidential election right around the corner why not dress up like some of the candidates? Grab a Donald Trump mask and throw on a blue suit and red tie, and your ready to become Mr. Trump himself!

    Squirrel Products, Amazon
  • 7

    Couple Costume

    Do you and your significant other have no ideas on what to be this Halloween? Why not dress up in a couples costume like a zombie couple that fights for brains together.

    Jason Edwards, Getty Images
  • 8

    Nerd Costume

    Represent your inner nerd with a large pair of thick rimmed glasses and a pair of high waited suspenders. For an extra touch, whip out your old trading cards and look for someone to battle with!

    Phil Payne Photography, Getty Images
  • 9

    Cheerleader Costume

    2,4,6,8 want a costume that’s really great? Dress up like a cheerleader this year! Hey, even add a set of pom-poms and you’re ready to start cheering for your favorite sports team. Go team go!

    Mike Sonnenberg, Getty Images
  • 10

    80's Costume

    Want a costume that blasts you back into the past? Try rocking an 80’s inspired costume this year. You’ll be ready to take it all the way back to 'Funkytown'.

    Marc Romanelli, Getty Images