Remember being 16? You were midway through high school so you're navigating life a bit better than you were the year before, probably planning your big party, and you were looking forward to the other big day: learning to drive!

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Chances are, the thrill of driving is long gone. Too bad nobody told us how stressed we'd be after hitting the road for a few years. Well, today's the day to celebrate (or express your disdain for) one of the biggest pains in the a** on the road today: potholes.

It's National Pothole Day. In celebration (if you can even call it that), we're highlighting South Jersey's biggest driving pet peeves. The list, conducted by the company Tarmac, basically highlights everything we hate about the shoobies that invade our area from May to the end of October.

  • 1


    Literally the BANE of human existence. You know the feeling when you spot a pothole too late so you just commit and brace for impact? Yeah... I can just feel the anxiety over whether or not I'll need a new tire building in my gut now.

  • 2

    Drivers who don’t signal

    See this? ^^
    Yeah... do it ALL THE TIME. If you don't signal and I hit you. Guess what? Toooooooo bad.

  • 3


    Tailgaters are GREAT...... at sporting events. In every other instance, please keep a two-car distance away from my bumper.

  • 4

    Road works

    Construction. Why do it at the highest volume traffic times? Just... WHY?

  • 5


    That's what everyone wants to do to your bike when you're riding in the street when there's a perfectly good sidewalk to your right.

  • 6

    People who use their phones and drive

    Unfortunately, we're all probably guilty of this at one point or another and it's just NOT okay. It's NEVER okay. We have to make a conscious effort to leave the phone in the cupholder while we're behind the wheel.

  • 7

    Drivers who weave in and out of lanes

    This, South Jersey, is us trying to make our way around the d*** shoobies that DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE.

  • 8

    Finding somewhere to park

    Yeah, not being able to park up front is annoying, but I'd say we're pretty used to it by now, particularly during the summer months.

  • 9

    Speed bumps

    See item number one and apply it here.

  • 10

    Middle lane hogs

    THIS. So many people take up the middle lane that aren't even going the speed limit! Listen, if you plan on going 63 in a 65, say it with me: RIGHT. LANE. ONLY.

    That's your new mantra: Right lane only. Keep saying it.

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