87-year-old Cynthia Haggerty found her own special, and creative, way of showing gratitude to a woman who helped her with her groceries.

Haggerty was at the Acme supermarket in Washington Township two weeks ago when Peggy McAllister offered to take the elderly woman's groceries to her car for her. Haggerty asked for McAllister's name and address, according to 6abc.com, in order to send her something special as a form of 'thank you'.

That special something was a hand painted portrait of Peggy McAllister's home. It turns out Haggerty is quite the prolific artist. 6abc.com reports she has painted hundreds of pictures, many times for people she doesn't personally know.

It's amazing, and truly inspiring how one random act of kindness can bring two strangers together. Let that be a lesson to all of us!

Now Peggy McAllister just has to figure out where to hang her new painting!


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