When Karen Quigley, of Sewell, heard about a dog in Thailand that had been mutilated nearly to death, she knew she had to help.

The 2-year old mixed breed pup was rescued from Thailand in January after a man tried to butcher her and cut off her head with a machete, leaving her with no nose and half a jaw.


Quigley, who teaches special-ed at Rowan College, tells 6abc.com that the dog, named Teresa, was about to be eaten. "Unfortunately in Thailand people do eat dog meat".

She and a friend took to Facebook and GoFundMe to raise more than $10,000 to get Teresa to the United States.

Teresa underwent surgery at Northstar Vets in Robbinsville to repair her  face and mouth. Karen Despite missing some of her anatomy, the pup manages to breathe and chew just fine. Her favorite snack? Provolone cheese.

"She's so amazing because she's really so happy. She wakes up happy, she loves to run in the yard," Karen said.

Interesting fact about Karen Quigley: She owned Elwood, named Ugliest Dog in the World back in 2007.

Karen, you are truly a SAINT among humans. SoJO salutes you.




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