The Gloucester Township council is considering a resolution to voluntarily "restrict" trick-or-treating.  The measure proposes that Halloween is simply too dangerous for the community's children.

I grew up in Gloucester Township.  I'm an Erial girl at heart.  Every Halloween my friends and I on Kohomo Avenue couldn't wait to get home from school and ditch our clothes for Halloween costumes and go prowl the neighborhood to see who's parents would hand out the best candy.  We trick-or-treated until nightfall or until the houses ran out of sweets.  Our parents would sit in the driveways or on the stoops hanging out with each other while we roamed the streets.  No one ever tried to nab us, no one spiked our candy, no one got lost.  Gloucester Township was one of the safest places in South Jersey to be out late at night.  We'd sometimes even get into the car to go over to other neighborhoods in Laurel Springs near Veterans Park.  Now, this WAS the 80's, but many of my friends still live in Gloucester Twp. and raise their children there.  I'd hate to see such a beloved tradition scrapped out of fear.

According to Gloucester Township Patch, the measure states that children are "exposed to the potential of dangers of harm or injury" when Trick-or-Treating.  The resolution seeks to advocate restricting or limiting activities to "promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of children."

But the proposal is not sitting well with GT parents.

"I was just told that on (Monday's) township council meeting the mayor is going to talk about canceling Halloween,"  Heather Rambert tells Gloucester Township Patch. "I plan to show up and protest this decision in any way I am allowed to."

Local officials were not immediately able for comment. The council will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Municipal Hall on Chews Landing Road.

And as a former Gloucester Township resident I hope you'll take a stand.