Rutgers U Bans Frat Parties
The alcohol poisoning death of 19-year-old Rutgers University student Caitlyn Kovacs has moved the school to put a stop to frat and sorority mixers for the remainder of the spring semester.
Should New Jersey Ban Supersized Soft Drinks? [POLL]
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration is proposing a city-wide ban on large size sugary beverages in an effort to combat obesity.  Would you like to see a similar prohibition put in place in the Garden State?  Let us know! Should New Jersey follow New York and propose a ban on supersized soft drinks? Take today's poll!
Should Tan Mom Be Banned From The Booth? [POLL]
Patricia Krentcil, the New Jersey woman who's come to be known as 'Tan Mom', has been banned from a chain of tanning salons after making headlines for allegedly bringing her 6-year old daughter into a booth. Krentcil has been the subject of public scrutiny, and was even parodied over the weekend by Saturday Night Live. Should she be free to tan?  Or is the ban justified?  Take today's poll! Read M