16-year old Justin Robinson of Clayton must serve at least 14 years in prison for murdering neighbor Autumn Pasquale

Despite pleas by Autumn's mother and father that the Gloucester County teen be imposed a harsher sentence, a judge sentenced him to just 17 years.  The shorter sentence was part of a deal with prosecutor's in exchange for an admission of guilt.



The sentence hearing began with several impact statements directed to Judge Walter Marshall including an emotional speech by Autumn's mom, Jennifer Cornwell.

"Autumn deserved these gifts for her next birthday: high school, college, a career, a wedding and a family. But she had been denied those gifts by the defendant, who proved he had no regard or respect for human life," said Cornwell.

Autumn's father Anthony Pasquale asked the judge to give Robinson a life sentence.  A group of protestors outside the courthouse echoed the same sentiment.

Robinson stood before a judge in a Woodbury, N.J. court today and apologized saying he never meant for Autumn to die, according to reports.



Pasquale road to Robinson's house Clayton just blocks from her own after receiving a Facebook offer to trade bike parts on October 20, 2012. She did not return home that night leading to a frantic three-day search.

Her strangled body was found stuffed in a blue recycling bin behind the home next to Robinson's.

The boy's own mother, Anita Saunders, called police after noticing something troubling on one of her son's Facebook page.




Justin Robinson now admits he lured Autumn to his house to steal her bicycle, 6abc.com reports. Both Justin and his 17-year-old brother Donte were arrested and charged with murder. Justin now claims he acted alone in the killing and pled guilty in adult court. Donte will soon be tried in a juvenile court.

Justin Robinson could be a free man by the time he turns 30-years-old.