You don't see lessons on sustainability being taught in schools often these days.

Julia Mooney, an art teacher at the William W. Allen Middle School in Moorestown plans on wearing the same dress to school for exactly 100 days.

She says, "The fashion industry is a huge polluter. It's very wasteful and for what? So we can look good every day?" Mooney just started her experiment and is on day 7 of 100.

When it comes to the social expectation and norm to wear a different outfit every day Mooney goes on to say that the result in both can be an environmental and economical waste, which honestly when you think about, makes sense in a way.

Before we go any further, for the obsessed, she does has a second dress and washes them both. And when things could get messy in her art class she wears an apron to protect herself from paint and other stains.

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