So, we're watching college football Saturday night and we ordered pizza.

The total came to $28 and we waited for the pizza guy to show up. My Georgia Bulldogs were losing badly to Alabama, which is never good.

Doorbell rang, and as expected, the bill was $28. So I gave the pizza guy 2 $20 bills, which was all I had, and told him to give me $7 back, leaving him $5 for a tip.

He told me, "Uh...I don't have any change."

I wasn't about to give this guy a $12 tip on $28. I asked him, "What do you mean you don't have any change?"

He said, "This is my first run of the night and they forgot to give me money for change."

So, I thought to myself, what do I do?  Do I tip this guy $12...OR screw him out of a tip...OR refuse to accept the order on principle? If I choose the last option, we're going to be starving with nothing to eat, and my Georgia Bulldogs are still losing.

What would YOU do in this situation? Was the pizza guy trying to rip me off, or was he really being honest? Take The Mike Show South Jersey Survey...

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