South Jersey Picnic Company doesn't even realize they've just sent me on mental vacation.

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Maybe my phone is listening to me, but having South Jersey Picnic Company pop up on my IG thread the moment I was staring out the studio window at all the snow and daydreaming of spring and summer, is a bit creepy, but I'm so glad it did. I had no idea this company even existed.

So, what is South Jersey Picnic Co.? Ya know how you've ever hauled all your crap to the beach to stage a romantic, festive, or relaxing picnic only to feel exhausted and unrelaxed by the time you got it all set up? Well, South Jersey Picnic Co. can do that all FOR YOU.

According to their official website, South Jersey Picnic Company is a boutique, pop-up picnic company that turns your typical, boring picnic into a custom occasion, helping you celebrate special moments intimately and without the hassle.

I mean, how amazing and 'bucket list'-worthy would an experience like this arranged on a Jersey beach be? For a proposal, an anniversary, gender reveal, a Happy Hour with the girls, or whatever.

And I've already decided I'm booking a picnic with South Jersey Picnic Co. sometime this spring or summer. I need SOMETHING to look forward to, lol.

Check out South Jersey Picnic Company on Instagram for major picnic inspo.

(BTW, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love what they do, lol.)

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