Bachelor Mondays are back! The franchise kicked back off last night and as I sat drinking my wine and eating a pint of ice-cream, I realized that there was definitely an elephant in the room... and by elephant I mean *chicken.

"The guy in the chicken suit" as the internet is referring to him as, is actually South Jersey native David Ravitz. The 25 year old went to Cherry Hill High School East and yes, is a part of the family owned Ravitz Shoprite.

However, Ravitz now lives in Colorado as a Venture Capitalist and is doing pretty well for himself since I last saw him at our sophomore cotillion. He was actually last spotted at the Borgata on Saturday Night over Memorial Day Weekend, where I asked him if the chicken suit was his or the producers idea. He then clarified that the genius was in fact his, and is hopeful people will like it; which they did--according to Twitter.

Allegedly, Ravitz makes it pretty far into the season so if you're looking forward to following his egg-citing journey as much as the rest of South Jersey, then tune in to ABC on Mondays at 8pm, or follow him on Instagram.

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