IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The "Griswolds of South Jersey" did it again - and a bit early this year, too!

No doubt, you've heard of the South Jersey family that decks their house out every year just like Clark Griswold's from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. If you've never seen it, well, they've got Clark's station wagon, the cop car from the final scene when cousin Eddie kidnaps Clark's boss, even cousin Eddie!

The Harbaugh family of Mickleton in Gloucester County has been decorating their house in Griswold fashion for the past three years now. They draw in HUGE crowds, which is great for their toy drive they sponsor through their foundation, The Harbaugh House. These people have been able to provide SO MANY South Jersey kids with a fabulous Christmas who would have otherwise gone without.

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Instead of waiting until the holiday season to pick up their annual toy drive again, the Harbaugh family decided to bring the Griswolds to Stone Harbor. In a video shared to the family's Facebook page, Steve Harbaugh shows how he celebrated Christmas In July for Stone Harbor's annual Festival Of Lights boat parade this past summer. One word comes to mind to describe their display, and that's DEDICATION.

The Harbaughs didn't mess around with these decorations. The decor and toy drive for Christmas In July also came with an announcement! Rather than just having their family home in Mickleton decked out for the holiday season, the Harbaughs are launching an ENTIRE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE. No more driving to their Mickleton home to take in all the Griswold glory. Instead, fans of the family's display will soon make their way to a location right near the water tower in Mullica Hill, Gloucester County. The village is currently in development now and will serve as a way for the Harbaughs to continue their toy drive without disrupting the neighbors.

Good news! The village should be opening as early as the first week of December! You can keep up with what the Harbaughs have up their sleeve best through their Facebook page.

Source: Facebook

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