Black Friday will not be the same this year. We all know how crowded those stores are on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Recently stores such as Kohl's, Dick Sporting Goods, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target made it known that they will not be open on Thanksgiving Day. It seems like that list is only getting bigger.

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According to FOX 29, Simon Malls have made the decision not to open on Thanksgiving Day. The CEO and President of Simon Malls recently stated on, "In these challenging times, we made the decision that we will not open on Thanksgiving Day, instead allowing our associates to spend the holiday with their loved ones.” We are sure that it is something that many store employees actually appreciate because it probably has been some time since they have been able to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones and not have to rush to work or miss the holiday festivities.

On it also mentioned that the malls will be reopening for Black Friday. So shopping some deals probably will still be an option.

Just FYI, Simon Malls near us include Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrenceville, Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, Ocean County Mall in Toms River, Menlo Park Mall in Edison, and King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia.

We also learned from FOX 29 that Home Depot is another big store that is planning to close on Thanksgiving Day. To make it better and safer for everyone by not being in a crowded store, Home Depot stated that they will be extending their sales throughout the season instead of having a one day sale to protect the safety of the employees and the customers.

These Major Retailers Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving 2020

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