A New Jersey high school that turned the sci-fi thriller Alien into a play is getting big praise from the movie's star actress.

Sigourney Weaver shouted out to students at North Bergen High School in a video posted to the Alien Anthology YouTube channel where she called their production of Alien 'incredible'.

In the clip she also states, "I must say, [it] looked very real to me. I just wanted to send our compliments - not only from me but from James Cameron and the original screenwriter Walter Hill. We all say, ‘bravo. - well done.”

The Oscar-nominated actress played Lt. Ellen Ripley in the original 1979 film as well as its three sequels. Alien is best known for it's dinner scene where a baby alien bursts out of the chest of one of the astronauts.

Watch the Alien 'chestburster' scene [NSFW]

North Bergen H.S. drama teacher Perfecto Cuervo told NJ.com art teacher Steven Defendini was the mastermind behind the set design, and that the stage crew worked on bringing the creepy stage version of Alien to life since last September.

With Weaver's endorsement, we wonder how soon Broadway will latch onto this idea.

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