A New Jersey high school that turned the cult movie classic Alien into a stage show got a big surprise over the weekend: The film's star Sigourney Weaver in the audience.

North Bergen High School's spring production of Alien gave it's final performance Sunday night with Weaver in attendance. Word of the school's twist on the 1979 sci-fi film made its way to the actress last month, and in a video posted to social media, she praised the students bravery and creativity.

But I'm sure NO ONE actually expected the Oscar nominee to show UP to see if for herself, but she did, and then some.

Weaver herself took the stage to address the audience, according to Asbury Park Press, saying, “This is the night I’ve been waiting for! I’ve only been here a couple of hours, but I can tell this is a very special place in a very special town, and in a school like this you have extraordinary teachers. I met the students and I want to say they are so great.”

Weaver was one of 800 viewers in the North Bergen High School auditorium!

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