In Phillipsburg, the school board has banned home school students from participating in sports.  Granted, Phillipsburg is a little bit of a distance from us,  this issue still seems to be a growing trend.  Should South Jersey home school students be banned from sports?   Take our poll!


I remember when I was in high school, the football team was 7-0.  This was the best record, so far, the school had in years.


Then, that's when crazy happened.  Apparently, the team had a home-schooled student on the roster.  Because the student wasn't a part of the school, he couldn't play anymore.


One more thing, the school had to forfeit the seven games that were won, because the home school kid started for the team.


This brought a lot of criticism, so much so that I still remember it to this day.


Could you see something like this happening in South Jersey?  Maybe it has.


If a South Jersey student was banned from playing sports and public school activities, would you support it?

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