Knowing what we know about the dangers of skin cancer, I could NOT believe what I saw in the sun screen section at the store!

When I was shopping for the highest factor sunscreen I could find, (I freckle easily) I was shocked at what I saw on the shelves! Knowing what we now know about skin cancer and premature aging, WHO STILL BUYS THIS STUFF??

Starting off with XCELERATOR...then to INTENSIFIER. If that is not enough, XTREME INTENSIFIER...or perhaps if you are looking for something more subtle, regular tanning oil that specifically states CONTAINS NO SUNSCREEN. Yep, livin' on the edge baby!

Then at the opposite end of the spectrum (pun intended) are two items I found that may actually protect you. If you don't want to be TOO safe, I found tanning oil with an SPF 4 (barely better than nothing) and the mother of all protection, the BROAD SPECTRUM, 6 LAYER DEEP (whatever that means) SPF 110!!! If the sun fails to set, or if you live on the planet Mercury, you will be protected!

Take care of yourself and have a fun summer at the Jersey Shore, or where ever you spend your fun-time in the sun-time.


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