In recent months, actor Shia LaBeouf's behavior has gone completely outer limits.

Over the weekend the star put an exclamation point on his bizarre antics by showing up to promote his new movie wearing a paper bag over his head with the words 'I am not famous anymore' written in black marker.


Camilla Morandi, Rex USA

Although the star wore a spiffy suit to the world premiere of his film Nymphomaniac, the real statement was the paper bag.  The phrase "I am not famous anymore," is a line LaBeouf has been Tweeting daily since January 13.

Last month, 27-year old LaBeouf got into a heated scuffle with a man at a London pub.

In January, the actor, who also lunged at several photographers taking his photo. Saturday night, he tweeted that he was retiring from all public life.


future image/zuma

According to, Shia appeared at the Berlin International Film Festival cast panel in support of Nymphomaniac sporting a shaved-down tooth and overall looking disheveled answering only one question before quickly exiting the room, and leaving some to wonder if there is cause for concern because of LaBeouf's demeanor.

When asked how it felt to be in a movie with such explicit sex scenes, LaBeouf took a drink of water and delivered the perplexing statement, "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea."

LaBeouf seems to have become disenchanted with Hollywood life in recent years, publicly bashing directors and actors he's worked with and movies he's made.  The original star of the Transformers movie franchise, LaBeouf has since said he regretted making the films with Michael Bay.