Crete in Greece. Normandy in France. Sea Isle City in New Jersey? Yep! One of our little Jersey Shore towns is among the 10 Most Popular Vacation Destinations on EARTH!

Pretty cool, right?

Usually, beaches like Ocean City and Cape May make lists like this. It's nice to see Sea Isle City getting some well-earned attention.

Sea Isle is SO fun. Everyone knows it. I mean, the water tower reads, "Smile, You're in Sea Isle!" And that's why people flock to it during the summer!

Google Maps
Google Maps

The beaches, the bars, the restaurants, the people, FISH ALLEY, THE OD. Those of us who live at the Jersey Shore know what's what about SIC.

The online marketplace reviewed searches by U.S. travelers for summer rental properties, and Sea Isle ranked No. 10 on their list.

According to the research, an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 vacationers venture to Sea Isle during the peak of the summer season.

Search demand for summer 2023 rentals in Sea Isle (between June 21 and Sept. 22) has reportedly jumped 154 percent compared to last year.

Just picture it: Sea Isle's year-round population is about 2,100.

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Established in 1882, Sea Isle is known as "a city for all seasons."

Sea Isle City spokeswoman Katherine Custer isn't at all surprised by the prestigious honor, telling Sea Isle News the beach town “truly offers something for everyone."

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you're curious, here's HomeToGo's Top 10 List of Summer Destinations:

10. Sea Isle City, New Jersey

9. Normandy, France

8. Protaras, Cyprus

7. Sussex County, Delaware

6. Brewester, Massachusetts

5. Sandbridge, Virginia

4. Avon, North Carolina

3. Keuka Lake, New York

2. Crete, Greece

1. Topsall Beach, North Carolina

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